Friday, April 3, 2009


Limericks??? What is that? I never heard it before. And I would like to thank Dr.Edwin for giving us, me in particular to learn about limericks and do a limerick. Last Tuesday, during the replacement class of EDU 3234, we were doing the activity on limericks. And to be honest, that was the first time I ever heard this word. And a limericks is actually a five line poem that is written with one couplet and one triplet. It has the rhyme of a a b b a, and also have different beats and rhyming. It was interesting that Dr. Edwin assigned us to come out with a limericks on our own using the template that are given in the handbook. Me, Nurul Adha, Hazleen, Farhana Syahira and Wadhihah were in the same group. And as we were advice to the limericks that had the sense of humor, so we decided to do a limericks of a clown. Here is our limericks ;

I once met a clown from Siberia.
Everyday he made people laugh like hysteria.
But whenever he broke the law.
The clown ran away on a trishaw.
The strange clumsy clown from Siberia.

I really did appreciate this chance to do the limericks because I got to see us laughing together and giving our so called ridiculous ideas to each other in order to come out with a limericks that will receive good comments from everybody. And yes, I think when I am out for the teaching next year, I will want to use limericks as one of my post reading activities with my students.


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