Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bonny Barbara Allan by Anonymous (Alexia Palacios)

Bonny Barbara Allan
Oh, in merry month of May,
When all things were a-blooming,
Sweet William came from the Western states
And courted Barbara Allan.

But he took sick, and very sick
And he sent for Barbara Allan,
And all she said when she got there,
“Young man, you are a-dying.”

“Oh yes, I’m sick, and I am very sick,
And I think that death’s upon me;
But one sweet kiss from Barbara’s lips
Will save me from dying.”

“But don’t you remember the other day
You were down in town a-drinking?
You drank all your health to the ladies all around,
And slighted Barbara Allan.

“Oh yes, I remember the other day
I was down in town a-drinking;
I drank my health to the ladies all’ around.
But my love to Barbara Allan.”

He turned his face to the wall;
She turned her back upon him;
The very last word she heard him say,
“Hardhearted Barbara Allan.”

She hadn’t got more than a mile from town
When she saw his corpse a-coming;
“O bring him here, and ease him down,
And let me look upon him.

“Oh, take him away! Oh, take him away!
For I am sick and dying!
His death-cold features say to me,
‘Hardhearted Barbara Allan.’


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