Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Icarus??? I Got You.

This is the third week of our fourth semester in UPM and to be honest I still could not find the right topic for my position paper. Or in other words, I am clueless about what to write as my thesis statement. And I am getting very worried about it already. Not that I am delaying my schedule of work but I just want to find the best thesis statement without having to do it for several times. I want to find the most acceptable and strong standpoint before I start doing my position paper. And I really hope that the next meeting with Mr. Omit will help me sort out this problem of mine. This week during Monday’s lecture with Dr. Edwin, we had discussed about the three tales that he assigned us to read last week. And they are The Son of the Turtle Spirit, The Mahabharata and the last one, Ovid – Daedalus and Icarus. Personally, the lesson had given me a lot of input about tales. All these while I thought that tales is just something that we usually read before we went to sleep. But now I know that tales could also be very educational and can serve the purpose of instruction as well other than it had been long as one of the entertainment source.
In addition, I also got to know a new term during the lesson. And it is Romantic Spirit. It is associated with the character of Icarus in one of the tales that we discussed on that day. And having talked about Icarus, we also had to show to Dr. Edwin the picture entitled, The Fall of Icarus that we have downloaded from the internet. The funny part was, most of us show different pictures to him and many of us downloaded the wrong picture but we thought that the one that we had was the correct one. And I had done the same mistake as well. However I was kind of lucky that I taken the correct poem that matches the story of The Fall of Icarus. What a relieved. Then, we also get to know that there are another poem entitled Break, Break, Break by Tennyson that can be connected to the story of Icarus. Nonetheless, while I search in Google I got to know that there is a song entitled The Melting of the wax by Throne that tells the same story of Icarus as well. All I can say is that, this week lecture was interesting and so informational and had geared me up for the next lesson.


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