Friday, January 9, 2009

new semester with literature..

Literature comes again... and in this semester, we are taking EDU 3234 which is Reading and Project Work for Teaching Literature in ESL.. This course requires us to create a blog, then write a position paper and not to forget, a research paper..
honestly when i first listen to the course name, i was so afraid that this course will really consume all my energy for this sem. But after the first lesson that we had with Dr. Edwin, that feeling just walked away. The explanation that he gave about the course outline ease me a lot then. But still, i realize that i could not take this course for granted. Although there is not going to be any test or exam for this course but... The position paper and the research paper do play the major roles in determining the grade for this paper.. I hope that i will be able to come out with a thesis statement by the end of this week. And hopefully the thesis statement can be accepted. Or else, i really need to scratch my head all over again. And i also hope that the next meeting with Mr. Omit will help me bulding up the paragraph already..


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