Monday, February 16, 2009

Teacher is a RAINBOW...

I'm a teacher to be and i see myself as a rainbow. Why do i say so??? For me, is a God creation that is special in every way. Rainbow is colorful and so do i. For me, the various colors in the rainbow represent the different characteristics that is necessary to build up a great personality of a teacher. Teacher should not just be the medium of helping the children to get what they want in lives but they should also be the reflection to their students. I think i am compatible to a rainbow as it consist seven beautiful and wonderful colors. And each of them represent the different criteria that i think i already qualified to have now to become a teacher. Red symbolizes the bravery that i know i have as a teacher to face my students. Orange represent the high spirit and enthusiasm in me. Yellow is the warmth and bright attitude that i think is an essential criteria that a teacher should have. Green is the knowledge that i have. although i may not know everything in the world, but i will make sure that my knowledge remain 'evergreen'. Blue represents the calmness characteristics of mine. Indigo suggests the authority that i behold as a teacher. And last but not least purple: it shows the concern that i have upon my students development. this is the reason why i see myself in an image of a RAINBOW.


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