Monday, February 16, 2009

Working on my Position Paper...

i found my way to write my position paper..
only after five weeks working on my thesis statement and with all the unnecessary business i had to attend to, i get all my supporting details done and my first draft done too... i knew that it was so hard to find time to settle all the assignments given if i kept on procrastinating. Luckily Mr.Omid had been really helpful to me when i was working with the thesis statement and the supporting details. Now, that i have completed my draft and i am also working on the presentation for this coming two weeks. I only wish that Mr. Omid will accept my first draft without much things that i have to alter. But i do not mind to re-do the paper as it is for my own benefit. and i also know that this is going to be quite little time to do as right now, i need to start thinking about my research paper. I'm so thankful that now, there are not many things that i need to think about the research paper anymore. but i'm still thinking of improving my supporting details. hope that by next meeting with Mr. Omid, i'll get to finalize my paper and do the best that i could for the position paper.


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