Thursday, March 26, 2009

14th March 2009 - An Interesting 'Date' with Mr, Tham Siew Inn and Sons...

We were going to Malacca… Hooray… Although it was only 28 of us that were going to Malacca on the trip but it was fun. We were so long never go any places together. And this time we were on the trip to meet an artiste at his art gallery in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. His name is Tham Siew Inn. We first met his eldest son because he was out for lunch with his youngest son. The welcoming of his son was very warm. Actually that was my first time stepped into an art gallery. To be honest I was not so interested with art before this. Especially drawing and painting. I just did not know how to appreciate this type of art. I knew that people might say that I am being ignorant with such a beautiful thing that comes before me, but this is just me. However, once I stepped into this gallery, I think it is not exaggerated to say that I had fallen in love with his piece of art. The sculpture, the painting, the stamp, the landscape and everything just captured my attention. I love being in such an interesting garden that he has – although at times I prayed that no frogs would appear in front of me – and also the conducive gallery that he has to display all his paintings and also his son’s collection of opal stones. I also did not miss the chance to buy some postcards for my friends and myself. I want to go to the gallery again in future. And perhaps I will go with my students at that time because I want them to know all aspects of arts that they might not yet discovered before and get to know such a talented family. And above all this nice experience, I would want to say thank you to those who had worked so hard to make this trip a reality. Thank you guys… your hard works are deeply appreciated.


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