Sunday, March 29, 2009

Editing my Reseach Paper...

Last Friday March 27th 2009,we were given back our first draft by Dr. Edwin. I was very much pleased with my work. There was not much things that i have to alter and edit on my first draft. There are only a few grammatical errors that I had committed and I believe that I can finish the editing by the end of this week. I am so thankful that Dr. Edwin accepted my analysis and suggested that I need to cite the references of the information that i get in order to avoid my work from being considered as a plagiarism. I admit that I was too afraid that I could not finish my draft on time the other day and that was why I forgot to cite the references and important sources of my information. And I hope that when I had finished citing all the references I can hand in my research paper with full of confidence. I know that this course -EDU 3044- has no final examination and that is why it is very crucial that I do not take this assignment for granted. I have ti make sure that I could at least get an A- for this assignment and an A for this paper overall. Go, go Ashadiah... You can do it..


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