Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a Nod... TQ Dr. Edwin...

Thursday March 5, 2009. Today we were supposed to meet Dr. Edwin to collect our research paper outline and discuss about how to start writing the paper. But once we get into his office we got to know that actually he was just to return our papers and talk personally about our ideas and issues that we want to stress on the paper. Luckily this time around he approved the issues that I am about to talk about in my research paper as well as giving me the nod to begin writing. I am so thankful that I can begin writing my research paper because I feel that I am a little bit backward than my other classmates because they had begun writing their paper. But I know, although this is already week nine but there no boundaries that can stop me from writing a good research paper. I believe I still get ample time to work on it. Therefore I think this weekend will be the right time for me to collect all materials needed for the paper as well as looking for the literature review of the topic of my research paper. Hopefully I would not become a GOTHIC character right after I have completed this research paper.


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