Thursday, March 26, 2009

History Boys... I like it..

Watching History Boys...
This movie was quite an interesting movie for me. I believe that everyone that is involved in the teaching field would feel the same way too. The way the story is presented shows that teachers are such an inspirational body to the students and are able to make at least a little change in the students’ life. Consider the roles of the literature teacher, Hector and the new teacher Irwin. Both of them have been really inspiring to the students. The students find it very interesting to get to role play at any time they like the literary works that they are learning. This therefore encourages them to perform better in the classroom although Hector is actually a gay. Being a gay does not mean that he is not a good teacher. And besides this makes me think that we should see something beyond its surface. Who are we to question about one’s morality when our aim is to make our students someone better and more educated in future. We have no right to judge a teacher is good or bad based on their sexual preferences. And I believe that this story could be a good story that all teacher should watch. They should see how some teachers being very determine upon their students success till their last breath.


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