Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is the 12th week of the semester...

This is the twelfth week of the semester. There are only two more weeks left before we end our sixth semester in UPM. Next week our research paper is due. And I am quite worrying that I have not enough time to alter my assignment. I only hope that I could be more focus on my work. This week also we were no longer had class with Mr. Omit. Last week was the last session with him. And I am glad that actually all of us manage to present the position paper well and on time as it was scheduled on the course outline. Only that I can’t wait for this becoming Monday. We’ll be meeting Kee Thuan Chye. A famous playwright in Malaysia. Although I am not so into his work of art. But I really want to know him better. I would like to know many things about his writing and playwright. I believe that there is no other precious time that I can wait for to meet a person like him. Hopefully during the talk, he’ll answer some question that I and friends have prepared. We are so eager to see him in person and enrich our knowledge of Malaysian Literature in English.


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