Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've completed my position paper....

Well... This is the 8th week of this semester, and we are supposed to start doing the presentation on our position paper as well as handed in our assignment. And i am very thankful that i have finally completed my position paper. And i think, i have to really say thank you to my colleague that has helped me out by telling me that my thesis statement was not strong enough to be the 'umbrella' of my position paper. At least i realized that there were still chances for me to alter my position paper and try my best to make correction to all the points that need to be emphasized. Very much then, i get to know that, by doing this position paper, more or less, i have become more understanding of those characters in the play : Twelfth Night. Before this, i admitted that i did read the play and do the study on it. But, it was not so serious that i have to give out my own opinion and thoughts and argumentation upon the issues that i think have never been highlighted before. And i am happy that now I'm done with the position paper and also my power point presentation. I can start counting for my turn of the presentation. Hopefully i can get full mark for the presentation.


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